MANIFEST: Supply Chain Platform

A toolkit for visualizing, analyzing, and documenting supply chains, production lines, and trade networks.

You can start with data from our repositories, or load a File or URL in one of the file formats we support.


Image preview of the Manifest JSON format.

Manifest supports a variety of file formats, including legacy Sourcemap-style supply chains. This page provides an overview of the data currently available for public access.

Manifest File Format

One of the goals of Manifest is to develop a standard file format for the critical analysis of supply chains. The format is still under development, but you can use the Manifest Editor to review the current working structure and generate your own supply chains to experiment with in the Manifest Viewer.

We may eventually offer an open respository to contribute supply chains built with the Manifest Format.

Case Studies and Deployments

This is a collection of deployments and case studies for Manifest, including courses where Manifest was used as a class assignment.

Sourcemap Dataset

This is an index of the data collected by the MIT Center for Civic Media's Sourcmap Project from 2006-2014. That means that this data is old. Because Sourcemap evolved significantly during this relatively long span of time, and because one of the development goals was to avoid breaking user projects, it also means this data is inconsistent. Some attributes and properties that were added in, for example, 2008, probably didn't exist in 2006. And it is also true that some early attributes and properties were depreciated or changed over time. While these have been preserved in the raw data files referenced below, only a subset of more or less standard information is directly viewable in Manfest.

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